MasterMoney Contactless Debit Card

The CNB MasterMoney card replaces your need for checks. Accepted at retail stores, restaurants, gas pumps, ATM's... anywhere you can swipe a card, you can use it. Instant access to your funds and instant approval of your purchases.

Daily Limits on MasterMoney Debit Card:

  • $1,000 POS (per card)
  • $515 ATM (per card)


 No fees ever at an ATM owned by CNB, but cards are subject to fees at ATMs not owned by CNB.

Replacement Card..............................$5.00

Service Center Support – 833-699-0074

24/7 help when you need it for your debit card. You can activate a new card, change your PIN, report a card lost or stolen, and report fraudulent transactions.

Fraud Monitoring

We’ve got your back around the clock with new and improved debit card fraud monitoring. If a debit card transaction is suspected, you will be contacted to verify the transaction by email, text message (20733), or by phone from 877-253-8964. You can have peace of mind knowing we are being proactive to identify and prevent fraud on your account.

Mobile Wallets

Commercial National Bank has partnered with mobile wallet providers to bring Apple Pay, Google Pay and Samsung Pay to our customers. This service makes it quick, easy and secure to pay for items and services where accepted by the merchant. For more information on how to set up a mobile wallet please see the manufacturer links above.

MasterCard® Personal and Business Credit Card

Issued through Card Assets, a MasterCard revolving credit card or purchase card in your personal or business name will give you the freedom and flexibility in making important purchases. All credit applications are subject to approval. Please contact any of our locations for assistance!

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