The formation of Commercial National Bank of Texarkana is traced to January 17, 1964, when the first meeting of the shareholders was held in the City Hall of Texarkana, Arkansas. On January 31, 1964, the Comptroller of the Currency issued a Charter to the Bank, and on February 5, 1964, the Bank opened for business.

The first Board of Directors consisted of George W. Peck, Sr., Chairman, Vincent Foster, P.D. Burton, Boyce Lanier, Jr., John Massey, Dr. Walter Barnes, Lewie P. Henry, Bun Hutchinson, Frank King, Jr., Robert M. Lowe and Eric Wade.

In January, 1965, George W. Peck, Sr., was elected President of the Bank and served until January, 1977, when Ray Starkey assumed the position. In January, 1995, Ray Starkey was elected to the position of Vice-Chairman of the Board while Dennis Huffman assumed the position of President. Mr. Starkey retired in December of 1998, but continues to serve on the Bank's Board of Directors.

A one bank holding company, Commercial Bancshares, Inc., was formed in January, 1979. Control of Commercial Bancshares passed from George W Peck, Sr., to his daughter Julia Peck Mobley, with the sale of the majority of his stock in January, 1984. Julia P. Mobley subsequently assumed the position of Chairman and C.E.O. in 1989.

The downtown building is the third in the history and growth of the Bank. It began its operations in 1964 in a small, leased, red brick building on the corner of Fourth and Walnut Streets, directly across from the present building.

In June, 1966, a permanent building was completed at 224 East Fourth Street. In November 1982 construction began on an addition to the original building which more than doubled its size, and was completed for occupancy in October, 1983.

The first branch location of CNB was opened in November, 1968, on North State Line Avenue. Other branches followed. On March 4, 1973, a branch was opened on East 9th Street and February, 1974, a branch was opened in Fouke, Arkansas.

On August 24, 1995, upon the approval of the Office of the Comptroller of the Currency, the home office of the Bank was moved to the temporary location on 5512 Summerhill Road; Texarkana, Texas. This facility remained the home office of the Bank until June 14,1996, when a judgment handed down by Judge Barefoot Sanders questioned the legality of the move of the home office from the State of Arkansas to the State of Texas. From June 14, 1996 to January 5, 1998, the location at 5512 Summerhill Road; Texarkana, Texas served the Bank in the capacity of a loan production office (LPO). On January 6, 1998, the full service operation at 5512 Summerhill Road resumed and the ground breaking ceremony for 5515 Summerhill Road took place. This facility officially opened on December 4, 1998.

In December, 1996, ground breaking services were held for a new branch location at the corner of Jefferson Avenue and Arkansas Boulevard. This branch facility was completed and opened for business in August of 1997.

In December of 2005, Commercial National Bank officially relocated its East 9th branch located at 1800 East 9th Street to 3204 East 9th Street (Hwy 82 at Loop 245), Texarkana, AR., creating a full service branch for that area. The new branch design is a footprint for future branches of the bank.
In March of 1998, Commercial National Bank formally converted from a C-Corporation status to a S-Corporation status. This change in corporate status provided opportunities for greater cash flow for the Bank along with greater enhancement of shareholder value.

Since its inception, the Bank has had as its primary mission to serve the banking and economic needs of Texarkana and the surrounding counties of Miller, Arkansas and Bowie, Texas, and this continues to be the primary driving force behind the Bank. CNB has always been a responsible member of the business community and will never take actions that are not in the best interest of Texarkana and the surrounding two-county area.

Commercial National bank is an independent, family-owned bank and fully intends to remain independent.

In January of 2014, the bank celebrated its 50th anniversary.


The Bank's Mission

The primary purpose of Commercial National Bank is to serve our customers, community, and our employees. To accomplish this, CNB will be a well-managed, well-run financial institution. We will provide a full range of progressive financial services while providing high quality customer service. It is also our stated desire to remain an independent community bank, a responsible citizen, and a business leader in the community.

In fulfilling this mission, goals will be pursued which:

  • Provide our market with progressive, customer-oriented financial products driven by a corporate sales culture. This culture will also provide high quality customer service while delivering these products. We will deliver basic services with speed, accuracy, and courtesy.
  • Provide our customers and fellow workers with the most advanced technology available within the banking community. It is our commitment as a bank to be a technological leader both within and outside of our banking area.