Cashier's Check

Customer $3.00
Non-Customer $7.00

Wire Transfer

Incoming-Domestic $10.00
Outgoing-Domestic $20.00
Incoming-Foreign $15.00
Outgoing-Foreign $45.00

Collection Services

Domestic Incoming Collections $20.00
Domestic Outgoing Collections $20.00

Safety Deposit Box

3X5 $35.00
3X10 $45.00
5X10 $55.00
10X10 $95.00
Replacement key $75.00
Box drilling $235.00

Gift Cards

One time use $3.50
Reloadable cards (Initial purchase) $7.50
Reload $4.50

Automated Teller Machine

Withdrawal at CNB's ATMs FREE
Withdrawal at other ATMs FREE
Balance Inquiry at other ATMs FREE
Non-CNB cards used at CNB ATMs $2.50
Original Debit Card FREE
Replacement Debit Card $5.00

Other Services

Insufficient Funds/Overdraft Items $35.00
Incoming/Outgoing Drafts (Paid or Returned) $25.00
Insuficient (NSF) Transfer Fee $8.75 per day
Daily O/D Fee $3.00
(If your account is overdrawn for five or more consecutive Business days, a $3 per day charge will be assessed.)
Direct Deposit FREE
Recurring ACH (automatic debit/credit) FREE
Foreign Currency Order/Exchange $25.00
Garnishments $125.00-$500.00
Dormant Statement Fee $3.50

Deposited Checks and Other Items

Returned Items $5.00
Returned Item Special Handling $15.00 per month
Stop Payments $35.00
Statements printed at branch $5.00
Hold Statements $10.00 per month
Research, Per Hour $40.00
(With $20.00 minimum, plus $1.00 per copy.)

Night Depository

Zipper Bags $5.00
Locking canvas bags $25.00

Online Banking

Bill Pay (Personal accounts) FREE
Bill Pay (Business accounts)
(Small Business, Comercial Checking, and Business Checking with Interest only)
$5.95 monthly up to 20 items, $0.50 for each additional
Notify Me Alerts FREE
Inbound External Transfer FREE
Outbound External Transfer $1.95

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