Cashier's Check

Customer $3.00
Non-Customer $7.00

Wire Transfer

Incoming-Domestic $7.50
Outgoing-Domestic $20.00
Incoming-Foreign $15.00
Outgoing-Foreign $45.00

Collection Services

Incoming Collections $20.00
Outgoing Collections $20.00

Easy Access 870-774-2265

Easy Access Telephone Teller FREE

Safety Deposit Box

3X5X24 $35.00
3X10X24 $45.00
5X10X24 $55.00
10X10X24 $95.00

Credit Card Cash Advance

Minimum Advance $50.00
Maximum Advance $500.00

Other Services

Zipper Bags $5.00
Insufficient Funds-Per Item $35.00
Daily O/D Fee $3.00
(If your account is overdrawn for three or more consecutive Business days, a $3 per day charge will be assessed.)
Dormant Statement Fee $3.50
(If your account is dormant and the balance falls below $500.00, a $3.50 monthly statement fee will be assessed.)

Deposited Checks and Other Items

Returned Unpaid $5.00
Stop Payments $35.00
Special Statements $5.00
Research, Per Hour $40.00
(With $20.00 minimum, plus $1.00 per copy.)

Automated Teller Machine

Withdrawal at CNB's ATMs FREE
Withdrawal at other ATMs No Charge
Balance Inquiry at other ATMs No Charge
Original MasterMoney Card No Charge
Replacement MasterMoney Card $5.00

Online Banking

Bill Pay FREE
Notify Me Alerts FREE
Inbound External Transfer FREE
Outbound External Transfer $1.95