Online Banking Features

Bill Pay $5.95 per month
Notify Me Alerts FREE
Inbound External Transfer FREE
Outbound External Transfer $1.95

Collection Services

Incoming Collection $20.00
Outgoing Collection $20.00
Incoming Drafts, Paid or Returned $25.00
Outgoing Drafts, Paid or Returned $25.00

Wire Transfer

Incoming-Domestic $7.50
Outgoing-Domestic $20.00
Incoming-Foreign $15.00
Outgoing-Foreign $45.00

Teller & Vault Services

Night Depository Service

Locked bags (per bag/per year) $25.00
Zipper Bags $5.00

Cashier's Check

Customer $3.00
Non-Customer $7.00

Bookkeeping & Customer Service Support

NSF Check Charge $35.00
(If your account is overdrawn for three or more consecutive business days, a $3 per day charge will be assessed. Not subject to Analysis Business Accounts.)
Overdraft Check Charge $35.00
Stop Payment $35.00
Returned Item Special Handling (per month) $15.00
Hold Statements $10.00
Research (per hour) $40.00
($20.00 minimum, plus $1.00 per copy)
Attachments, Garnishments, Liens (plus Legal Fees) $35.00

Deposited Items Returned Unpaid

Each Item $5.00
Rejects (per item) $0.10

Account Reconcilliation

Per Hour $20.00
Minimum $15.00